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07/27/14 - Viewpoints: California’s Higher Education Systems Need More Cash, Not More Catchwords
"California’s public higher education systems are plagued by years of funding cuts. Everyone knows that. All the clever ideas – the silver bullets that will 'sav'” us – collapse in the face of one simple fact," Susan Gubernat writes for The Sacramento Bee.
07/27/14 - Editorial: School-Loan Defaults Show Risk-Reward Analysis Vital
"President Barack Obama recently ordered a program expanded to limit monthly payments to 10 percent of a person’s income. ... But a little financial literacy on the burden of compounding interest is in order for prospective students," according to the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board.
07/27/14 - Student Debt On Campaign Trail
"[E]ven without the drama of a presidential contest, the issue is cropping up on the 2014 campaign trail in some of the most contentious Senate races," Inside Higher Ed reports.
07/27/14 - Corinthian Colleges Agrees To Warn California Students It Plans To Sell Schools
"Accused by the California attorney general of deceiving students about its failing financial status, the career-college company Corinthian Colleges, Inc. has agreed to more broadly disclose that it plans to sell all of its California campuses as it goes out of business," according to the San Jose Mercury News.
07/27/14 - Kansas Gets Grants To Match Child Support Funds For College Savings
"Kansas welfare officials said today that they will use more than $600,000 in grants from two nonprofit groups to launch a program aimed at getting parents to pay down child support debts," KHI News Service reports.
07/27/14 - Opinion: Let Students Discharge College Debts In Bankruptcy? Yes, But...
"Unlike other kinds of debts, the law does not permit students to wipe out their college debts by declaring bankruptcy. Should the law be changed?" George Leef asks in Forbes.
07/27/14 - Paul Ryan's Views On College Costs Look A Lot Like Obama's
"President Obama's higher education agenda has had trouble attracting supporters from either party in Congress so far. But he appears to have at least one rhetorical ally in the House of Representatives: Rep. Paul Ryan," according to Vox.
07/27/14 - Report: A Look At The “Pay It Forward” College Financing Proposal
The rise in higher education costs has encouraged policymakers to search for alternative options students can use to finance their college years— one of the proposed solutions is the “Pay It Forward” (PIF) college financing concept. Some researchers contend this is not an effective solution to addressing college affordability, according to a new report released by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). The report summarizes the history of PIF, explores common elements of PIF legislation recently introduced in state legislatures, and offers questions for lawmakers to reflect on before stepping forward with the PIF policy.

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