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03/03/15 - Socioeconomic Gaps In Virginia Higher Ed
"Like their peers across the country, Virginia public institutions have responded to state funding reductions in recent years by raising tuition," Inside Higher Ed reports.
03/03/15 - New Orleans Higher Education Leaders React To Bobby Jindal's Budget Proposal
"Higher education leaders in New Orleans agree that the $143 million cuts to state colleges and universities proposed by Gov. Bobby Jindal would hurt local schools. At the same time, they expressed relief that the proposed reductions are far less than the $300 million figure floated in recent weeks," The Times-Picayune reports.
03/03/15 - FAFSA Simplification, Better Education Needed To Improve Student Lending, Panelists Say
Policymakers looking to improve student loan services should focus on better educating students and families about financial aid and debt before they take out loans, according to panelists at an event Tuesday hosted by American Student Assistance (ASA).
03/03/15 - New York: CUNY Refunds Tuition To Some Immigrants
"City University of New York is returning thousands of dollars to about 150 immigrant students who live illegally in the United States and overpaid for their tuition," The Associated Press reports.
03/03/15 - Shrink The FAFSA? Good Luck With That
"Look closely. Buried deep in President Obama's 2016 budget (page 41) is a proposal to cut up to 30 questions from the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)," NPR reports. "To be clear, the CSS PROFILE is only used by a small minority of the nation's higher ed institutions. But it — or forms like it — could become much more common if lawmakers shorten the FAFSA, says Justin Draeger of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)."
03/03/15 - Prepare For 'The End Of College': Here's What Free Higher Ed Looks Like
"A lot of parents start worrying about paying for college education soon after their child is born. After that, there's the stressful process of applying to colleges, and then, for those lucky enough to get admitted into a good college, there's college debt," NPR reports.
03/03/15 - Two Private Liberal Arts Colleges Will Shut Down
"Caving to declining enrollment numbers and financial obstacles, two small, private liberal arts colleges announced Tuesday they will close at the end of this academic year," according to U.S. News and World Report.
03/03/15 - Georgia: Parents, Students Welcome Proposals For Simpler Financial Aid Form
"For many students the road to college begins before they ever set foot on a campus, with filling out a form — a long one," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
03/03/15 - An Online Game That'll Help You Pay Off Your Student Debt
"What if you could reduce student debt by playing an online trivia game? The idea sounds absurd. But one California-based company, Givling, is trying to make it a reality. It’s a creative—and slightly bizarre—attempt to tackle the country’s student debt, a problem that has now surpassed $1.2 trillion," Wired reports.
03/03/15 - Ohio: Call Center Lessons

"As a student ambassador for Education at Work, Jazmine Reed’s job was to spread the word about the nonprofit organization that offered jobs to college students," Inside Higher Ed reports.


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