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01/25/15 - Should A College Education Be Free?
"States offer children a free public school education until they complete 12th grade. After that, they have to pay tuition," The New York TimesThe Learning Network reports.
01/25/15 - Video: Boehner And McConnell On Obama's Proposals
"In an interview for '60 Minutes,' Scott Pelley speaks with House Speaker John Boehner and the new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to get their response to President Obama's proposals from his State of the Union address," CBS News reports.
01/25/15 - Editorial: Free Community College Deserves A Chance
"For those who still believe that education is the best ticket to upward mobility, the highlight of the State of the Union Tuesday night was the compelling pitch to make community colleges free for anyone who is willing to do the work," The Star-Ledger says in an editorial.
01/25/15 - Obama Free College Plan Flawed, Critics Say
"College tuition and student debt have increased at a rapid pace in the past 20 years - raising serious questions about whether a student loan crisis may be brewing in the United States," Voice of America reports.
01/25/15 - Florida Gov. Scott Wants To Stop Taxing College Textbooks
"College students could be getting a break on the cost of their textbooks under a new proposal announced on Thursday by Gov. Rick Scott," Diverse: Issues in Higher Education reports.
01/25/15 - Pennsylvania: More Tuition Experiments Being Tried At State System Of Higher Education Universities
"Bloomsburg University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania are going to be the latest state universities to test the idea of scrapping their flat full-time undergraduate tuition rate and move to a system that charges students on a per-credit basis, starting in the fall," Penn Live reports.
01/25/15 - A Quiet Revolution In Helping Lift The Burden Of Student Debt
"Has the student loan crisis already been solved?" Kevin Carey asks in The New York Times' The Upshot blog.
01/25/15 - How To Simplify The Tax Code And Eliminate Borrowing At Public Colleges
"Every year, H&R Block starts running television commercials imploring Americans to 'get your billion back,' a plea based on the premise that each year, a chunk of money goes unclaimed by Americans who don’t take full advantage of the array of tax credits and deductions offered to them," Mark Huelsman, senior policy analyst at Demos, writes in The Hill's Congress Blog.
01/25/15 - Chart: A Higher Education Doesn’t Fix Race And Gender Pay Gap
"A higher education doesn't close the massive racial and gender disparities in what people earn," Vox reports.
01/25/15 - Survey Provides Snapshot Of Financial Education Among Graduate, Professional Students
While a majority of graduate and professional institutions offer some form of financial education for their students, there remains a strong need for more comprehensive and effective programs, according to a survey from Access Group. The survey, sent to financial aid administrators with the assistance of NASFAA’s Graduate and Professional Issues Committee (GPIC), was designed to better determine how schools are delivering financial education to graduate and professional students, who often borrow significant amounts to pay for their education.

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