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07/09/14 - Under Current FASFA Timeline, Many Needy First-Years Miss Out On Aid
“It would be unjust to carry on with business as usual when we know the current financial aid application process serves as a barrier to college access and success for thousands of students each year,” a new report claims. Read the study results and share with us: How would you change the financial aid application process?
07/09/14 - Editorial: Lessons Of A For-Profit College Collapse
"For-profit colleges are lobbying hard to weaken rules proposed by the Obama administration that would deny federal aid to career training programs that burden students with crippling debt and worthless credentials," The New York Times' editorial board writes.
07/09/14 - Research Shows U.S. Students ‘Average’ In Terms Of Financial Literacy
"American education must evolve to ensure that students are better able to navigate an increasingly complex financial landscape — one that they will traverse from the moment they take out their first student loans until their sunset years when they must tap their retirement funds to survive," Diverse: Issues in Higher Education reports.
07/09/14 - Commentary: No More Gimmicks To Fix Student Loan Debt
"As President Obama indicated last week when signing his memorandum on student loans, the student debt crisis shows no sign of abating," Judah Bellin, an assistant editor at the Manhattan Institute, writes in a Roll Call commentary.
07/09/14 - Senate Democrats Investigate Navient Student Loan Contract
"Nine Democratic Senators are looking into the Education Department's decision to extend a contract with a student loan servicer under fire for allegedly overcharging borrowers," The Wall Street Journal reports.
07/09/14 - These Facts About Student Loans Might Surprise You
"[T]wo papers and additional research demonstrate a more complex, but less dire, situation than commonly portrayed in the media," The Brookings Institute's Brookings Now reports in a blog post about student debt.
07/09/14 - Breaking With Tradition
"The restrictive nature of federal aid dependency determinations is just one way that current federal grant aid programs are not well-suited to the students today—people who are older and not entering college straight from high school. This issue and others are explored in Breaking with Tradition, a report released today that explores how to make federal grant aid work better for today’s students," Ed Central reports.

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