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09/01/14 - How Economically Diverse Is Your College? A 'New York Times’ Ranking May Soon Tell
"Next month [The New York Times] plans to unveil 'a new ranking of colleges and universities based on their ability to attract underprivileged kids,'" The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.
09/01/14 - The Top Colleges That Cost The Least For Needy Students
"If you’re a high school student whose parents make a combined $40,000 a year, you may think you don’t have even a remote chance of being able to afford an elite, ultra-high-priced college like Harvard, Princeton or Stanford. But those schools have such large endowments ($32 billion, in Harvard’s case), coupled with a commitment to making college affordable for any applicant who can overcome their challenging admissions requirements, that students from low-income households can expect to pay a fraction of the schools’ sticker price of around $60,000," according to Forbes.
09/01/14 - NASFAA Submits Comment on Higher Education Affordability Act
Sept. 2, 2014 - At the request of Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, NASFAA submitted comments on the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEAA). The discussion draft, released in June 2014, serves as a marker for future reauthorization efforts. NASFAA’s comments outline areas of support and concern with the goal of informing the final legislation that Congress will continue to work toward next year.
09/01/14 - Campus-Banking Costs Can Add Up, Report Warns

"Consumer Reports reviewed campus banking products offered by nine financial companies to compare their terms and calculate their costs," according to The Chronicle of Higher Education's The Ticker blog.

09/01/14 - Student Debt In Mind, Education Dept. Renegotiates Loan Servicers’ Contracts

"The U.S. Department of Education on Friday announced it had renegotiated its contracts with federal student-loan servicers, giving them more incentives to keep borrowers from defaulting on their loans," according to The Chronicle of Higher Education's The Ticker blog. 

09/01/14 - Report Finds Student Loan Education Effort Lacking In Kansas
"A new report finds that most universities aren’t offering students enough help in understanding the financial burden posed by student loans," The Associated Press reports.
09/01/14 - Iowa: State: La' James Cosmetology Schools Defraud Students
"Iowa authorities are suing the La' James chain of cosmetology schools, contending the schools systematically defraud students and leave them so frustrated that they often quit before graduating," The Des Moines Register reports.
09/01/14 - Oregon Coast Community College Regains Accreditation, Allowing Financial Aid To Flow
"Oregon Coast Community College in Newport has regained accreditation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, officials said Thursday," The Oregonian reports.
08/28/14 - So Long, Farewell
As you read this blog post I will most likely be heading into the NASFAA office for my last day as the Dallas Martin Fund for Education (DME) Intern. This internship offered the opportunity for me to attend meetings on Capitol Hill, write articles that were featured in Today’s News, provide survey data for webinars, edit the 2014 NASFAA National Profile, create presentations to be used by the Policy team, and much more. My time with here with NASFAA has been an invaluable experience that I will cherish and look back to for many years to come.
08/28/14 - Commentary: The Future Of College Is Not As Bleak As You Think

"Few magazine editors—myself included—can resist a dash of apocalypse in a cover line, which is why I don't fault writer Graeme Wood for the question on the front of this month’s Atlantic: 'Is College Doomed?' I'll answer that question anyway: no," Judith Shulevitz writes for the New Republic


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