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NASFAA Office Closed May 30 for the Memorial Day Federal Holiday

The NASFAA office will be closed on Monday, May 30 for the Memorial Day federal holiday. The NASFAA website and other online services will still be available, but NASFAA's Today's News, AskRegs, and technical and membership support will not be available until the office reopens on Tuesday, May 31.

Pop Quiz - Can Attendance Be Assumed for the Return of Title IV Funds Calculation?

A school, which is not required to take attendance, processes official withdrawals on a daily basis. Can they review records after the term ends for what may be an unofficial withdrawal—any grades of “F”, “W”, or “I”—to determine with faculty if the student did begin attendance? What if a school is unable to determine whether or not a student started attendance in any class, can the school assume attendance ceased at 50 percent and complete the return of Title IV funds calculation accordingly? Read on to see if you got the answers right.

College Graduation Rates Rise, But Racial Gaps Persist and Men Still Out-Earn Women

"Whites, blacks, Asian-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are all graduating from college at higher rates now, but stubborn racial and gender gaps are widening, a new federal report finds. Women earn more college degrees than men but receive lower wages, while whites and Asian-Americans continue to earn bachelor's degrees at higher rates than blacks and Hispanics," according to The Hechinger Report.

On the Issues: Student Loan Reform Offers Rare Moment of Agreement for Candidates

"Underscoring the increasing importance of millennial voters in presidential elections, an issue that barely made a blip on the political radar four years ago has gotten significant attention in 2016: student loan reform," UPI reports.

Opinion: Tuition Set-Aside Helps Keep College Affordable for Texans

"Selective memory loss is a common malady in the Texas Capitol. Maybe it's something in the water," state Sen. Kirk Watson writes for The Texas Tribune. "The most recent bout of amnesia has afflicted some who claim they want to improve college affordability while advocating cuts to a program that, for the past decade, has helped make college affordable for Texas families."

Arizona: Former Nursing Students Sue Tucson For-Profit School

"Former nursing students at Brown Mackie College in Tucson are suing the for-profit chain claiming the shoddy training they received has left them unable to work as nurses," the Arizona Daily Star reports.

Opinion: Trump's Higher Ed Proposals Could Leave Poor Students Out of College

"What is happening, or what should be happening, on college campuses has rarely, if ever, been a topic of the remarks of Donald J. Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party," Donald Heller, provost and vice president of academic affairs at the University of San Francisco, writes for The Conversation.

States That Tie Higher Education Funding to Performance Have it All Wrong, Report Says

"Facing budget constraints and demand for greater accountability in higher education, states are tying public college and university funding to the schools' ability to retain and graduate students. But a new paper from the Century Foundation argues that such performance-based funding models are reinforcing disparities within public higher education and doing little to move the needle on completion," according to The Washington Post's Grade Point.

The Case for Federal Higher Education Affordability Standards

"In 2010, Congress enacted two major expansions to the social safety net," according to the Center for American Progress. "...The ultimate goals of both the health care and education expansions were similar: make an important set of benefits––health insurance in one case, college in the other––affordable for vulnerable populations. More than five years later, the effects of both changes are clear."

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