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08/26/14 - Colorado: Funding Hurdle For Schools Tracking College Financial-Aid Forms

"The long-term future of a project that lets schools know which of their graduating seniors filled out an application for financial aid — and who might need help — has become uncertain," The Denver Post reports.

08/26/14 - The Story Of John Sperling, University Of Phoenix Founder
"John G. Sperling died this week at the age of 93. If you haven't heard of him, you probably have heard of the school he founded, the for-profit University of Phoenix," Marketplace reports.
08/26/14 - Find Student Loan Refinancing Implications In Your State

Generation Progress is out with 50 fact sheets—one for each state—on the effects student loan refinancing would have on indebted residents. Each fact sheet includes national and state-specific student loan statistics, including the average debt load for 2012 bachelor’s degree graduates ($29,400), how many indebted residents live in a particular state, and the state’s total student loan debt.

08/26/14 - Cost Of Florida's Prepaid College Tuition Plan Going Down
"The price of a four-year Florida Prepaid college tuition plan is going down. The plan is down to $35,000 from $54,000 after a new law passed the state legislature just a couple of months ago," NBC 6 South Florida reports.
08/26/14 - Student Debt Bomb Could Boost College Financial Planning Programs
"As colleges and universities start the new school year, the student debt bomb could be leading to growing enrollments in college-level financial advisory courses and programs, the CFP Board’s director of academic programs, Charles Chaffin, told Financial Advisor," Financial Advisor reports.
08/26/14 - Profit And Social Responsibility
"For-profit higher education has tried previously to create voluntary standards for quality and responsibility. … A new effort, announced today, probably has a better chance of making an impact," Inside Higher Ed reports.
08/26/14 - Corinthian Lenders Permit Sale Of Assets To Raise Cash
"The lenders to troubled for-profit education company Corinthian Colleges Inc. have agreed to the sale of certain school's assets, which would raise much-needed funds and allow operations to continue as the company looks to sell many of its campuses," The Wall Street Journal reports.
08/26/14 - Montana: Program Offers Free Money As Incentive For Saving

"The Montana Education Savings Account program (MESA) provides an opportunity for students to be financially rewarded for saving," the Independent Record reports. 

08/26/14 - Durbin To VA: Allow Veterans To Use All Education Benefits
"Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) called on the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow service members to use both federal and state education benefits," The Hill's Floor Action reports.
08/26/14 - How Far Can The Student Loan Refinance Bill Go?
"Senate Republicans earlier this summer shot down a proposal that would allow student loan borrowers to refinance their old debt at a lower rate. But Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has said the fight isn't over, and legislators will again vote on her bill in September," U.S. News and World Report's Data Mine reports.

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